Stella’s Gourmet Cookie Dough

Stella’s Gourmet pre-formed cookie dough was established in 2004.  These cookies are often sold for fundraising activities but they are good for any occasion.  The cookies are small circles of cookie dough which are then frozen and then placed into boxes.  Each box holds 48 cookies (3 lbs.)

Our dough is made with margarine for a rich buttery flavor.  We have five different flavors – oatmeal raisin (made with lots of select raisins and cinnamon), chocolate chunk (made with Guittard chocolate), peanut butter (made with real peanut butter), snicker doodle (made with cinnamon and cream of Tartar) and white chocolate macadamia (made with Guttard white chocolate).

Call us at 707-426-1765 for a list of fund raising distributors in your area or if you would like to become a Stella’s Gourmet distributor.


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